About Us


world_mapName: Adam Panasiewicz
Role: Founding Father and Senior Editor
Nicknames: Panman, Ad
Age: 22
Craziest moment: Getting threatened with arrest in France, then having a beer with the cop at a bar later that night.
What do you do after school? I love northern Ontario. Anything involving camping, cottages, and/or campfires are the finest days of my life. Nothing beats the smell of fresh all natural air. (You tend to miss it living in Toronto). The best relaxant is a Muskoka chair. Too bad they don’t have Muskoka chairs in libraries.
About me: Free time is a rarity for me. Everybody around me knows that. But I love what I do, so I’m not complaining.


Name: Arnold Pereira
Role: Founding Father and Director of Marketing
A.K.A: arnie, arnaldo, don arnaldo, arniedo, pluckey, huggsley, legoman, arnold the rhinocerous, that guy who attacked a bicycle, the arnold, tim duncan
guilty pleasures: the oc, eating porridge, the food network, antique roadshow
Craziest moment: birth
What do you do after school?: a little inquisitive aren’t we?
About me: see above please…I mean come on….

Name: Raj Manocha
Role: Director of Sales and Business Development
Nicknames: Ja, Jello Hair, Slick Rick
Age: 25
Craziest moment: Went on a highschool trip to Florida and I got really
drunk. Among other things, I dived into a hot tub, tried to run through a sliding glass door, and as I was passed out from all those things, my friends took naked pics of me and posted them on our school website.
And no i will not give you the link!!..lol
What do you do after school? I love to hit clubs. You can find me
out with my friends having a good time, or relaxing at home playing poker with the guys. Regardless of what I do, I always have a story to tell.
About me: I graduated from U of T in 2003 with a Commerce and Politcal Science degree. I have worked for several companies directing marketing and sales staff. If I’m not working, you’ll find me on the internet. I’m also an MSNaholic:)

Name: Melinda Woynillowicz
Role: Photographer
Nicknames: Mel, Mello, Melly, Mellah, Picture Girl
Age: 19
Craziest moment: Years ago, I went to Ottawa with a bunch of friends. We went on a cruise and saw some guy swimming in the middle of the river/lake. We were like wtf? He got closer to us and that’s when we realized he definitely wasn’t swimming, but was this guy who was lost for a couple weeks and we found him floating. Yum. We had to circle him until some other boat came and took the body. Freaked out at this point, we were driving back to the hotel and a tornado pops out of no where and decides to go on the road we were driving on. Speeding like hell, we decided that we’d drive to Quebec and hopefully have better luck.
What do you do after school? During the week I have photo shoots every day; either on location or in the studio. Once I get home I check them out and possibly edit them if im not too tired from working all day. On the weekend, I’m always at the club. Either just going for fun or going to take pictures, I’ll be there.
About me: I’ve graduated from Humber College and the Toronto Institute of Bartending. I use to bartend, but lately I’ve been caught up more in my photo jobs; so I quit my bartending job. I’m attending Humber College again for the Creative Photography program. I work as a freelance photographer doing contract jobs for everyone and anyone who wants something done. In the past I’ve done weddings, receptions, personal portraits, band shoots, commercial, and other aside work. Other then photography, I love graphic design, clubbing, shopping, music, and my friends.

Name: William Michael Dineen
Role: Writer
Nicknames: Mike, Mikey
Age: 25
Craziest moment: It’s probably more of a beautiful moment than a crazy one. I was living in Sydney Australia at the time, and was cruising the streets on the back of my friend Dom’s superfast motorbike. We found this sweet little beach between some rocks and decided to sit in the sand and listen to the waves. It was so quiet and beautiful. Like a beacon of light, the Sydney skyline glowed from across the water. There was a small pond in the sand – a puddle left over from the previous high tide. As I passed my hand through the water, I noticed light under the surface. There was sparkling and shimmering that seemed to follow my hand as I glided it through the water. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It seemed like magic to me. Dom explained that the light and shimmering were caused by photoplankton: tiny organisms that sparkle when disturbed in the water. This beautiful memory remains so vivid in my mind even now, as I sit here typing about it. Truth really is stranger than fiction.
What do you do after school? & About me:
I love playing hockey. The feel of a hockey stick in my hands and a surface of ice under my feet really feels amazing. I love to read books. There’s something so beautiful about retreating from the world around me into the pages of a story. I love sitting in cafes while drinking coffee with friends; or, sipping wine over a nice dinner with some really good company. Travelling is something I enjoyed in the past; however, Toronto is the place I want to stay for the next phase of my life. Too many sad goodbyes in foreign airports has given me a solid appreciation for a home that stays in one place and the comfort of familiar surroundings. I love trying new things and learning what makes me tick. And, of course, I love to write!

Name: Dagna Pielaszkiewicz
Role: Writer
Nicknames: People just don’t bother.
Age: 19
Craziest moment: I thought I saw Signore Weaver once, but in fact it was a dead horse.
What do you do after school? I work with CKLN 88.1 FM, Journalists for Human Rights, Business Wings, and yes…I write. Otherwise, you can catch me on a patio, party, show, or anything else worth attending.
About me: We’d like to think we’re nice and likeable- maybe even witty. In reality, I have my days. I like to spread myself thin, get involved, but i am a huge procrastinator with personal ventures. While I love to complain, my life is pretty good, I am still in school some how, I’ve got interesting friends, I am not completely broke, and I am in a semi-functioning relationship. This is your life… I don’t have a set philosophy for life, I just run with it, and hope that few people get hurt along the way. I am studying journalism and I am former news editor of the Ryerson newspaper NightViews. Due to political reasons, I left. I love meeting interesting people and doing things outside of my routine- lets face it, my routine (if time permitted) would be utter vegetation. Fuck egotism, I have a whole lot to learn.

Name: Danielle Mason
Role: Writer
Nicknames: Danny, D, Mason
Age: 19
Craziest moment: Getting my tounge pierced in Cancun…long story but definitly an interesting one!
What do you do after school?: I enjoy partying downtown, chilling with friends, going to parties, snowboarding, playing tennis, running and working out.
About me: I’m a Western student, going into second year next year. I’m originally from Toronto but I live in London for the school year. I love fashion and the arts, and of course I love writing. I hope one day to become a fashion journalist or a broadcaster or maybe even an interior designer. Right now I’m just feeling out what I want to do, and basically just trying out everything to see what I really enjoy. I used to be an equestrian, I owned two horses and used to show competively on the Trillum Circut and the “A” Circuit, unfortunately I had to quit because I was going to university and would not have very much time left for my horses, but one day I hope to get back into it. Right now I’m living on my own, and I just got two kittens, one named Charlie and the other named Truman. I guess I’ll go over the usual get to know you questions!!! My favourite colour is: turquoise, my favourite food is: potatoes..done any way!! (I’m definitly a true Irish girl!), my favourite animals are: horses, dogs and cats, my favourite sports are: riding and snowboarding, my favourite drink is: a cosmo of course, and finally my favourite books are: The Last Time They Met by Anita Shreve, and Dangerous Angels by Francesca Lia Block. I hope this little bio tells you a little bit about me..and that I didn’t bore you too much talking about myself lol!!! Enjoy the articles!!

Name: Fazl Molana
Role: Photographer, Listings Editor
Nickname: Rahman (rarely used; it’s also my middle name)
Age: 22
Craziest moment: Trekking with Nomads in the Safid Mountain Range After School: if i’m not studying, i’m listening to house music, out at a lounge somewhere, or
exploring back-alley mom-and-pop restaurants.
About me: I’m a third year Life Science and Economics Major at UofT, currently studying to write my MCAT. I was born in Afghanistan and moved here when I was 6. I love Toronto, but I also love to travel. I hope to take a year off after my 4th year and work in Europe and Afghanistan for a few months before resuming my studies.

Name: Johnny Nghiem
Role: Writer
About me: For the city that’s too small for a kid and too big for an adult, I’m stuck in the middle wondering what I’m all about. Between lounging around and turning frowns upside down, travelling to my foreign memory is what evades me. Lack of sleep and dreams of getting too deep can only make me a weaker so call me Johnny and like Enrique, I can be your hero, baby

Name: Ryan McVeigh
Role: Writer
Nicknames: JB
Age: 25
Craziest moment: When I wake up in the morning and my alarm gives our a warning, I don’t think I’ll ever make it on time. By the time I grab my books and I give myself a look, I’m at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by….
What do you do after school? Go to work, sadly.
About me: I would make a great Prime Minister. You should vote for me. If not, don’t bother voting.

Name: Carly Whitefield
Role: Writer
Nicknames: cj
Age: 21
Craziest moment: Traveling in Israel and raving in England
What do you do after school? Ideally: Grab a beer and check out some live music. Realistically: Grab some sushi and chase the Seinfeld / Simpsons repeats through the prime time lineup.
About me: I’m a Cultural Studies major and a big film and music buff.

Name: Eva Verity
Role: Writer
Nicknames: Eve, Evie, Beavis, Maoser, Kitty
Age: 22
Craziest moment: It involved a bass guitar, Zanzibar and brownies
What do you do after school? art
About me: I’m really short. I like music, art, dance, shrimp and ice cream truck ice cream.

Name: Erin Letson
Role: Writer
Nicknames: Air, Fatty, LetsON
Age: 21
Craziest moment: Watching Tori Amos (my FAVOURITE musician) play my FAVOURITE song as part of her last encore at a show last August
What do you do after school? Cook intriguing cuisine, read magazines (I subscribe to a bunch!), watch Sex and the City, sleep, play piano when I feel inspired (not very often), shop for vintage clothing
About me: I’m a journalism student at Carleton University and I’m going into my third year in the fall. I’d love to get into print journalism, I’m just not exactly sure what genre or medium yet! This summer I’m working as an editorial intern at FASHION and FASHION18 magazines. I’m from Newmarket, ON, but right now I’m living in Toronto…which is nice, because suburbia can be pretty boring. As for abstract things about me…I’m a left-handed, double-jointed, twin (fraternal, not identical!) and have a small obsession with achieving natural red hair.

Name: Lorena Harito
Role: Writer
Nicknames: Lori, Lolka,
Age: 19
What do you do after school? Go to the Popeye’s and Eaton Centre near my school with friends. Then it’s homework time..BOO!
Craziest moment: Any alcohol moment is a crazy moment…but one I can think of is me climbing into a garbage can. Yup I did it!
About me: I’m going into my second year at Ryerson University for Journalism. My first year was amazing, and I love being downtown, it’s where all the fun happens! I live in Thornhill with my parents and sister, no pets, just family! I love watching movies and just hanging out with friends. My all time favourite movie is Napolean Dyanmite. I pretty much know ALL the lines. I work at Toys R Us, and sadly it’s one of the best jobs I’ve had!

Name: Michele Enhaynes
Role: Writer
Nicknames: The typical – Mich or Chele, The Classics – Princess or Bob
Age: Think MJ
Craziest moment: One never ending evening in Paris that involved late night sightseeing at the Eiffel Tower, missing the subway, struggling to run through the train station, getting on the wrong train, looking for bridges, hearing gunshots, getting driven home by the French police, and finally, taking pictures and singing songs with the cops to make the night complete.
What do you like to do after school?: I like to sleep but that usually doesn’t happen. I often get sidetracked and either go to the gym, go to work, go to the mall, go to eat, watch t.v., or call someone to hang out. (Notice how homework is not one of my top priorities of things to do after school)
About me: I’m a sports fanatic who loves to talk, travel, and shop. I’m nothing without my family and friends. I’m addicted to work, I like to write, I’m studying PR, and I have a dog.

Name: Vanessa Larkey
Role: Writer
Nicknames: Larkus
Age: 20
Craziest moment: licking peanut butter off a knife. (kidding). After veering off path while climbing down a mountain in New Mexico, my friends and I ended up on the side of a highway in the middle of nowhere. We decided to hitch hike, and were picked up by a car of nurses who immediately treated our heat exhaustion and brought us back to our group. Moral of the story? Don’t veer off path while climbing down a mountain in a foreign country.
What do you do After School: If I’m not at The Underground office (UTSC’s campus newspaper) I can be found at concerts happening in and around Toronto.
About me: Aside from being a Pieces and having incredibly messy penmanship, I am enrolled in the journalism program at the University of Toronto and entering my third year. In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, drunken paper airplane throwing and listening to excellent music. (Mediocre music will do when drunk).

Name: Shallima Maharaj
Role: Writer
Nicknames: Shall, Shalli, Brad Pitt’s future wife–just simple stuff like that.
Age: 20
Craziest moment: The Coldplay show at the ACC on September 21, 2002.
So how do I connect this to the word crazy? It was crazy good–simple as pie. See these guys live if you can!
What do you do after school? I do what most other people my age do. I sit down on the couch, make myself comfy and indulge in the tube. Then I eat until my stomach hurts and then I fall into deep slumber. Who do I dream about? One of my Nicknames will offer a very helpful hint.
Hmmmm, I’m sure homework fits in there somewhere.
About me: I’m a second year Journalism student at Ryerson University and I love what I do. Journalism is like my life partner and in this case, I’m not willing to consider divorce. I love music, movies and have a particular soft spot for all things British–unless we’re talking about pickled eggs that is.

Name: Igor Poroger
Role: Writer
Nicknames: Call Me Daddy
Age: 20
Craziest Moment: Getting mauled by a bull in Pamplona, but then realizing it was just a mosquito bite, and waking up.
What do you do after school: Check email and respond to questionnaires. I’m having a blast right now!
About me: See above

Name: Jennifer Johnson
Role: Writer
Nicknames: Jenn, J-squared, J-Jo, Christina, Wednesday
Age: 19
Craziest moment: Stranded for free in Cuba, on a school trip, for 4 extra days while the rest of the world went to war in Iraq
What do you do after school: miss the Leafs with all my heart, go out with friends, adore the OC, catnap, struggle through intense books, catch up on the news, flip through fashion magazines and bargain hunt
About me: I’m a school-time Montrealer who studies International Development at McGill University, who is a tree-hugging vegetarian, who could do without decaf coffee and the Simple Life, and who thinks there’s nothing better than summertime sunshine.

Name: Sunny Skakic
Role: Writer
Nicknames: Sunzo, Sunny D, Skaks
Age: 22 and up
Craziest moment: There are many my friends, there are MANY, but here’s one that’s near and dear to my heart: chillin’ out with Jack Black and Kyle Gas a few years back when they were in Toronto for their Tenacious D concert. It was good times…and now Jack Black is starring in King Kong…who knew?!
What do you do after school? Eat an entire tub of Haagen-Daz ice cream.
About me: Three things I like – movies, music and mmmm beer. You can usually find me at the theatre (although recently all the movies have been pretty crappy), at a rock concert, or inviting myself over for a game of poker. Every now and then I like to blow all my money on toys and comic books, so I guess you could say I have no self-control. On the plus side, I’m all about quoting movies and TV shows, so here’s a great one: The jerk-store called….they’re running out of YOU! Stay cool kids!

Name: Sanjiv Kalevar
Role: Writer
Nicknames: Jeeves, San, SanJew, Spidey,
Age: 20
Craziest moment: Broke my arm and had a concussion, after climbing a wall in 1st year uni [hence nickname Spidey]
What do you do after school? (in no specific order) Basketball, Tennis, Hip Hop, Bicycling Politics, Movies, Partying
About me: Being out and about is my thing; Espionage is my cell phone ring, Living life to the fullest is the name of the game, Cherish each moment like it’s your last minute of fame, If you can’t already tell by this lil’ poem, I’m a lil’ off-the-wall and TO is my home.

Name: Patricia Monteiro.
Role: Writer
Nicknames: Patty! Or … well wait no I won’t add that one…
Age: …19…. finally! But I am most certainly not using my age to my advantage yet!
Craziest moment: Being proposed to on a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls… AWWW!
What do you do after school? Go to the gym! Or do school work!! It never ends !
About me: I go to Ryerson University and I am taking Journalism! I work as a courier full time and I sell knives part time (very random I know). I love to laugh at others expense and during the summer I usually forget how to spell easy words like ove! My recipes taste good I promise!! I love to cook and bake, which makes my Portuguese family very proud 🙂

Name: Karen Gore
Role: Writer
Nicknames: Kare, Blondie, The LG
Age: 19
Craziest moment: Too many to recall, I rarely have a sane moment.
What do you do after school? My part-time job and homework. Boring I know, but I have never broken my vow to not do either past 6 p.m. on a friday or saturday night.
About me: I’m a communications/english major at York University, going into my second year. I was born and raised in Toronto, and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be! Well, other than Dublin, Ireland, which I consider my second home. My hobbies are the arts (piano, singing, and drama), writing, crazy shopping sprees, watching, re-watching and memorizing the best show in the world, Trailer Park Boys, movies, music (people think I’m weird because I’ll have rap, punk, Brit pop, rock, ska, and traditional Irish music all on one mix cd), and having crazy, random moments with my friends. My motto in life is live for the moment, enjoy every minute of it and never, ever let anyone try to ruin it for you!

Name: Kat Icay
Role: Writer
Nicknames: kat, katzouchka, “yo, insomniac!”
Age: 21
Craziest moment: Experimenting at 3am whether or not jalapeno sauce would offset one’s gum sensitivity to ice cream. Conclusion: your tummy will hate you for up to two days, and the delirious high it produces will guarantee you’ll wake up later in the day as sore and restless on the outside as your stomach does within.
What do you do after school? Immediately? Raid the fridge and nap. But on very rare occasions, I participate in that thing called ‘dating.’
About me: Occasionally, I can be callous and strange.

Name: Holly Rockbrune
Role: Writer
Nicknames: Holl, Holls, Slolly
Age: 20
Craziest moment: I think I forget a lot of these but the most recent one I remember was up at my best friend’s cottage. My and two of my girlfriends made drinks at about 11am and then went to the beach, walked with all our “supplies” over our heads out to a raft in the water, and parked ourselves up there for a few hours.
What do you do after school? Not homework… I like to hang out with my friends and go to clubs at night. I like going for walks with my friends or just relaxing with a movie.
About me: I’m a third year psych student at McMaster University and I’m minoring in math. I love baseball, swimming and gambling. I have a sister, Megan, and a dog, Lady. My best friend Shannon, Boyfriend Nick and my BOC crew (my ladies). I have the best time when I’m with these amazing people.