Apps that Boost Productivity of Students

Only one college student can understand other college students when he or she talks about commitment of work. Numerous classes, voluminous homework, additional curricular activities, part-time job to be able to pay for the education – sometimes the whole process of studying in college looks like constant practice in time-management.

For many students the possibility to devote enough time to studying, internship, online courses necessary for polishing skills and experience, and still have a possibility to spend free time at heart’s desire sounds like science fiction. Still there are students who can manage this. How can they do it?

They use efficient tools and apps to keep track of time spent on their activities, schedule free time and be more productive. Here is a list of apps that can boost productivity and make spending time more effective than you could ever imagine.

Apps for notating

College students face the need to write whole books of notes. Still it may be imprudently to rely on paper-and-pencil notes only. You can lose them, forget at home and there is no possibility to edit them, all you can do is to rewrite them. And now evaluate the possibility to leave your smartphone at home – this situation is absurd for college students. Plus digital notes are searchable, shareable, and editable.

Google Docs

With help of this app you can get access to your notes through any web-connected device, moreover, all notes that you have made in the offline mode will be synchronized with your account once you get connected to the Web again.

  • Do not forget to create separate notes for every new theme – thus the process of searching will be simplified.
  • The app has Table of contents feature – great thing for organization of large docs

Evernote and OneNote

These apps are perfect for note taking, no matter, what are they: text, pictures, videos, PDFs and many other. Also they can serve as organizers as there are to-do list creation features.

  • Each class requires its own notebook. And every lecture will be a separate page in it.
  • Create shared notebook for boosting the productivity of team work