Apps that Will Help You to Manage Your Time

Look through the list of helpful time management apps that will help you to be more productive and spend time more efficiently. That would be especially interesting to students who want to improve the quality of their studies.

  1. Timeful

This app is a calendar and to-do list rolled in one. It is not just a simple list, the app analyses your habits and regular routines and suggest the most appropriate time to make new work. The app also proposes useful tips and tricks to develop needed time0keeping habits.

  1. Evernote

It is one of the best solutions of time management apps. Create an account and you will be able to get access to it from any web-connected device. Evernote is not just for note taking – it also helps you to save articles, film clip or general webpage. Also with its help it is possible to make multimedia presentations and researches.

  1. Focus Booster

Many people are acquainted with the Pomodoro method of time management – and Focus Booster is a digital helper to follow this method. The core of Pomodoro is to break the work sessions with some breaks to keep you focused and not to lose productivity. With help of this app you will be able to tack how much time you have spent on accomplishment of any topic and analyze your activities with help of your dashboard.

  1. 30/30

This app helps to specify timers for every kind of work you have to complete. The app is really good-looking and the way of managing the app is innovative and appealing.

  1. Remember The Milk

With its help you will be able to compete task on the go, schedule your time and set up multiple-platform reminders.


It is a clear, user-friendly and easy to use application that will help you to craft reminders, to-do lists, notes and events. The app is cross-platform, so you will be able to get to your schedules and notifications from any web-connected device.

  1. Listastic

Plain, simple and effective app that will help you to make a to-do list and share it with others.