Clubs, Charities, Greek Life — Build a College Social Life and Improve Your Resume!

There are many social and charity events available to you as a college student. There are also events in the community that will not only be a blast to participate in but that will also help you build your resume, and possibly even help you network with future employers. The following tips will help guide you in which activities to get involved in to build your resume.

What is a Sorority/Fraternity?

Will Greek life—sororities and fraternities—help you in your future goals or simply become places to party? Some characteristics to consider are: What does the sorority or fraternity represent? Do research on it before you pledge. Are members involved in charity work such as Habitat for Humanity or campus clean-up? Are they involved in community work as well? Here is a list of some key characteristics to consider:

  • What does the fraternity or sorority represent? Are members partying all the time, or just a little bit while participating in better causes?
  • What type of college students are currently involved? Are members medical students, student athletes, engineering students, or a mixture of great quality college students?
  • What is the overall University GPA of the sorority or fraternity members? Would you be proud to tell an employer you belonged to this fraternity or sorority?
  • Who were past members? Are there any former members who may be in the industry you hope to work in after college?
  • What groups and services are members involved in? Are they active members in the community? Do they participate in charities, either through hosting events such as Relay for Life or setting up their own charitable projects, such as visiting homeless shelters and cooking Thanksgiving dinners at soup kitchens?

How to Join

If you choose the right fraternity or sorority, it’s almost like creating a network with all the members currently and previously involved.  If you are going to spend four years of your college career in Greek life, be proud to put it on a resume or tell future employers about all the work you did with your organization.

Not all college students have the time, money, or desire to join a fraternity or sorority, which is just fine.  Here are some ideas for other types of clubs and charities you can participate in that will help build your resume and have fun doing it!

First, what is your goal after college?  Are you majoring in political science? You may want to join the debate team or your local college Democrat or Republican groups. Is your major international business?  Join a study abroad group.  Most college-sponsored clubs are going to help you even if it’s only the ultimate frisbee club (great sport!).  Some simply have a closer correlation with your post-college goals.

Charities can also be an absolute blast and you feel great after participating.  Any charity you participate in will look good on a resume, but you may want to seek out more specific organizations relating to your goals outside of college.  For example, who sponsors the charities you’re interested in?  If you’re a  nursing or PA student,  you may want to check out the local hospital-sponsored charity.  American Red Cross is always supporting different charity events as well.  There are walks for different causes such as breast cancer and heart disease.  Habitat for Humanity is a fantastic charity for anyone to get involved in, especially architecture and carpentry students.  Well-known charities are great for applying to employers around the U.S., and smaller local charities will really help you get your foot in the door at local businesses.

There are many student life activities you can become involved in, all of which are great for building character, enhancing your resume, and improving your overall college experience.  If you are torn over which ones to choose, however, this article should help point you in the right direction, helping you to build your resume, network with future employers, and get you involved with their company-sponsored charities.