College Game Day! What to Wear?

Let’s goooo, Team!  OOOh OOOh OOOh… UC!  The chants are about to begin!  Great university sports, college friends, cheering, excitement—sports are a HUGE part of student life and the overall college experience. Whether you’re rooting for a division III team that can barely fill a football squad or a huge university with a stadium that holds thousands, it’s your team and it’s a fantastic college experience, especially when you are a college student sitting in the student’s section. This blog isn’t intended to tell you the latest fashion trends of game day apparel or what designer has the best college sports jerseys, but it is designed to help you (especially ladies) look good, feel good, and be prepared for any university event.


The first things to determine are what event you will be attending and what the venue is like. Is the playing field indoor or outdoor? Are there bleachers, comfortable seats, covered seating, or will it be standing-room only?  Secondly, figure out what the weather will be like?  Does the forecast call for heat, rain, cold, humidity, snow, wind? Always check the forecast, and be prepared. Lastly, decide what to do before and after the game.  Will you be hanging out in your dorm or tailgating in the university campus green?  Afterwards, will you be going home to change, heading straight to an after party, going to the local sports bar, or calling it a night?

What to Wear?

So after you have answered the questions above, here are some staples of what to wear when going to college game day.  First of all: Always be prepared. I ALWAYS suggest having a spare poncho that can be wrapped up very tightly so it takes up very little space. Trust me, when the game starts out with beautiful clear skies and then the rain starts pouring down, you will be the happiest fan out there! Plus, it covers your whole outfit so you don’t have to worry about sitting in wet clothes or changing when you leave. If you can get one with your college colors, even better! Some other staples include:

  • Comfortable shoes—I personally invest in gym shoes with my team colors.
  • A small bag that you don’t care about spilling soda on or placing on wet concrete floors.
  • Small string bags are always very handy: they’re easy to tote around, carry what you need, and you won’t mind placing them on dirty flooring.
  • Comfortable pants and a top you can easily move around in. If you’re in the student section, you will be jumping, hugging, cheering, and raising those arms to celebrate your team’s sweet, sweet victory. Also, you may be climbing up lots of stairs and over other students to get to your seat.
  • Team colors—If you don’t yet have a college shirt or jersey, or only have a sweat shirt and it’s ninety degrees outside, at least wear the colors of your university team.  No colors? At least wear neutral colors and be sure NEVER to wear the other team’s colors (you may have to research the opposing team first).

What Else You Can Wear

If you’re going to a college football game, keep in mind that they are long and there’s a lot of standing. Always wear comfortable shoes and one’s you will be okay standing in for long periods of time. You don’t want to be the person complaining because they decided to wear sandals to a football game. I highly recommend gym shoes. Always check the forecast, you will be in for a miserable game day experience if you dress warmly and it turns cold during the 2nd quarter. Going out after? You can always wear a cute top under a college jersey,  or cute clothes in your team’s colors. For example, USF fans can wear green cotton dresses with yellow flip-flops.  You could wear a lightweight team color tank top and keep a cute jacket in your bag. Remember: Have fun! There’s a lot of pressure on college students with studying and classes. Take the time to enjoy your college game days, which are a huge part of student life. When you are ready to go, remember the college game day clothing tips above so you can make the best of your university sporting events!