Essentials of Elementary Web Blogging

One may say that blogging is mostly students’ stuff. However, today even children aged 4-6 years have a possibility to blog on daily basis. Here in this article you will find essential information what are the benefits of elementary web blogging, what the usual themes of blogs are, and what tools are usually used for creation of these log posts.

The name blog is an abbreviation of web log and, in general, it is an online version of a diary, that takes an advantage of all possibilities Web provides: for example, the navigation through the posts is easy, there is a possibility to comment posts, add photos and other multimedia files.

Still, web blog has now developed into something more complicated:

  • The whole concept of publishing information gives a possibility to literally everyone to share information on the Internet.
  • Journalists take an advantage of the opportunities provided by blogging more than everyone else. It can be also noted that almost all famous journalists and columnists have their own blogs where they publish news and ideas.
  • Blogging is a perfect way to polish writing skills. When students try to put their thoughts in writing in front of the Internet audience, they dedicate more attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

How does this blogging work in the real life?

It is obvious that students write better when they know that not only teacher will read their work. The reality shows that students are interested in blogging as it involves the most interesting part of it – reading comments on the blog.

Tools for web blogging

Blogging must-haves in classes are Blogger or LiveJournal, web-based programs, however, these tools do not provide necessary supervisory features teacher needs. So usage of Blogmeister or a-like software could be a sound solution as here teacher acts like an editor of the newspaper, reviewing students’ blogs before publishing and returning posts for edition if something is wrong.

KidzBlog is perfect for elementary classes as there students can write entries and add images written on their own with help of simple drawing tools.