Find The Electronic And Still Have A Full Wallet

So what are the best laptops for college students? Well it depends on what preference you have in regards to laptops and maybe also that pesky budget you are under. All in all if you are just starting freshmen year at university or you need a replacement, you are eventually going to need that perfect laptop. More importantly that labtop must last through these next important years of college life and maybe well into the future.

So what is that first step in regards to choosing the best laptop for the college student? Well take in some considerations first:

  • Are you going to be using the laptop for all your classes?
  • Will it be collecting dust on the desk?
  • Are you just going to be doing Face Book all day?
  • Will it be your main computer of use?
  • What’s your budget?

Once you have your answers you can then begin that soul searching journey for the best laptop out there for the college experience! Again there are so many options out there. You have HP, Apple, Dell, and Sony, just to name a few. These laptop brands have known to be the perfect laptops that a college student can have during their experience at university.

Here are just a few looks at some of the highly recommended or best labtops for college students as of the year 2012:

HP Pavilion Laptops

HP Pavilion are considered to be one of the most top brands of laptops used by college students so it deserves a place on our list of the best laptops for students. These labtops have a very high quality build and they are a huge favorite in regards to technological expectations. In regards to these labtops they have a huge selection of models all in reasonable price ranges. So if you are selecting a laptop on that tight budget you can just find that right flexibility with an HP laptop. Price ranges include $300-$500. For example an HP Pavilion G6 can costs up to $300 and a HP Pavilion G7 can costs up to $500. And one other thing! If you are into art designs or that perfect piece of artwork o use as your laptop skin, HP offers a wide range of design selections. That way your laptop can be the perfect expression of yourself.

The Macbook Pro/Air

You have heard about them and as of right now they are considered to be absolutely part of the top brands of labtops among college students in this day and age. Both the Macbook Pro and Air offer what is the best in quality and reliability. They are not as prone to viruses as say for example a regular PC and run Mac OSX which gives probably the most advanced processing speed you can ever find in a laptop.

If you are able to stretch out your wallet a bit then you might as well get this beautiful piece of technology. Yes they are a bit on the expensive side but the spent money will be worth it in the end because in the long run a Macbook Pro and Air will last you for quite a while. As for pricing the most expensive can be at least $3,000 and the cheapest usually goes for about a $1,000. However plenty of sites such as Amazon offer quite the good discounts on Macbooks. For example on Amazon you can find a nice used Macbook Pro with a 13.3 inch screen for anywhere from $500-$800 compared to the price of $1100-$1200. Who can go wrong with that? The same thing goes for the Macbook Air. You can find the 11.6 inch version on the Macbook Air at a used price from $600-$900. So there are quite the few deals out there. If you purchase your Macbook from the Apple store, you can find the Apple Education discount available to you as a college student. So again if you are able to stretch that nice wallet of yours go for one of these beauties!

Dell Inspiron Laptops

What makes the Dell Inspiron a member of our best laptops for college students list? Well here are a few facts:

  • These laptops include the latest processors, memory, and wireless capabilities.
  • If you want that custom look for your laptop Dell, like the HP, offers a wide range of beautiful color selections.
  • They are very reasonably priced and even exceptionally priced so this laptop will be perfect if you do not want to go over your budget.
  • As of today there are four models of Inspiron laptops. You have the Inspiron 11 with a 11.6 inch screen size, the Inspiron 14 has a 14 inch screen and is very easy to carry around, the Inspiron 15 has a 15 inch screen and is currently the most popular model, and finally the Inspiron 17. This model has a 17 inch screen and it comes with a full-size keyboard along with a wide variety of multimedia extras. So again perfect for that college bound student!
  • Price range is from $350-$700

Sony VAIO Laptops


And last by not least we have the Sony VAIO laptops. The build qualities of these laptops are pretty good and this list of the best laptops for college students would not be complete without them.  They are quite popular among college students also due to their Macintosh or Macbook like appearance. Each laptop has quite the computing power and the LCD technology gives those lovely crystal clear screens. If you also need plenty of storage or memory space due to those hundreds of terms papers and reports, you will find that the VAIO laptops provide plenty of ample memory space that will be able to hold every assignment that is handed to you.

So again if you are need of a laptop or just want to know about the best laptops for college students check out the laptops mentioned above. If you are still looking around there are plenty of laptops out there and one is right for you!