Flashcard Apps for iPhone and iPad

Want to know what the best flashcard apps for college students? Well let us talk about flashcards first. Finals are right around the corner. Oh no your notes are not set up yet! You are going made and now you are running down to the store and stacking up on packs and packs of flashcards! Well lucky for you those stacks are no longer needed. Yes you heard correctly! Flashcards are no longer limited to those many stacks of paper stuck together. You no longer have to bring packs of them in stuck to that one paper clip and then they collapse all over the floor! With your iOS device you have plenty of cool flashcard apps at your fingertips. Some of these apps you can even sync into your Macbook Pro or Air!

So what are some of the great apps to shuffle your flashcards on iOS? Well here are five of them. They will help you perform well on that next exam:

  • Flashcards with Mental Case

    Mental Case Flashcards is considered to be one of those excellent apps to have at your fingers. The app is $4.99 but it will be worth it. It is quite an elegant app and has quite the content, design, and interface. It contains a database of 21 million flashcards and you can even create your own flashcards to help you study in your own way. And you do not need one piece of flashcard paper at all! You can also include other notes and other tools for your education as well.

  • Flashcards Deluxe

    This app is one of the average flashcard apps for college students. However it still has its place on our app list. If you are about to take your finals at university than this app can be quite the help. It only cost $3.99 too! It is one of the easiest apps to use as well. It contains over four million flashcards available for you to have right away and you can have five-sided cards.

  • gFlashPro-Flashcards and Tests

    Why does this app have its place on the flashcard list? Well there are sure a lot of Google lovers out there and therefore this app just might find its place in their heart. If you are a fan of Google than gFlashPro will be the way to go for you. With the use of Google Docs the flashcards are powered up so to speak. All you have to do is create a two column spreadsheet and this app will turn that spreadsheet into a beautiful flash card.  Six sided cards can be created be the use of this app. Each card will look awesome and there also many other features you can use as well.

  • Flash-Cards

    This app is one of the lowest-cost bargains out there. It is only $0.99. Who can go wrong with that?  With this app you can create and edit flash cards. Despite having its place on the list for flashcards on iPhone, it sometimes might not work as well on the iPad. However if you are ok with working on the phone, than this app should be no trouble at all.

  • Evernote Peek

    This app is truly considered to be one of the best flashcard apps ever. That’s why it is one the best flashcard apps on the iPad. It even takes advantage of SmartCover on iPad 2. You just have to close and then peek for your question. If you lift higher you will even get your answer. With your Evernote account you can set up the flashcards for free. This app is essential! Use it to help you prepare for the ultimate week and get those A’s!

So if you are still in university and your college finals are around the corner check out these apps! They are considered to be the best flashcard apps on iOS devices for us college students!