GRE/TOEFL: Are They Mandatory to Study in the USA?

As an international student looking to further your studies in one of the many institutions in the USA, you are required to take a GRE/TOEFL test, otherwise your application will not be considered. I know, yet another test. This exam is usually mandatory for students who originate from countries where the native language is not English. Because of this, GRE/TOEFL scores are compulsory. Just taking the test is not enough, since one is required to attain at least the minimum required score in order to gain entry into any school or college in America.

Minimum Score

Students often have plenty of questions to ask regarding GRE/TOEFL. One of the most common questions you will find international students asking is what the minimum score expected for admission to American universities is. There are numerous universities and colleges which differ slightly when it comes to the minimum score they accept for admission. Out of these colleges, the cutoff score is usually 213. Most colleges in the USA have a page on their website specifically set aside for international students that contains admissions requirements, including the minimum score for GRE/TOEFL. This will allow you to plan accordingly. These exams are mandatory for international students whose native language is not English and who are looking to enroll in colleges in the United States. The main reason for these exams is to help schools ascertain potential students’ levels of understanding of the English language, hence the minimum scores. You can hardly be expected to succeed in school without a solid understanding of the local language! Due to the importance of these exams, it will be necessary for you to take some time (about forty-five days) to plan for the different sections of the tests. These sections are categorized as verbal, analytical, and quantitative. The time taken for preparation is usually to help an individual practice and not for the purpose of learning.

Test-Taking Procedure

You can book the GRE/TOEFL exams online or by making a call to the authorized agency. These exams are usually computerized and are distributed to these authorized centers. The most important thing to remember when taking the test is to stay calm. In other words: Don’t freak out! You will be able to see your scores (except for the essay) immediately after you finish taking the test. After a period of about two to three weeks, you will receive the official results of your exams. It is also important to note that once you get your GRE/TOEFL results, you are allowed to send them to no more than four universities. You should therefore decide which universities to send your scores to before taking the tests to save some money. Once you get your results, you can also send them to any other universities of your choice apart from the four you selected when sitting for the tests. You can send these results either by phone or by mail. If reporting your scores by mail, you are required to download the additional score report forms which are accessible from the GRE/TOEFL website.