Have The Brains And Be The Life Of The Party

Maintaining a social life in college and the academic aspects of college is one of the challenges that we face every single day as college students. We finish our classes and before we know it we are sticking our nose to the grindstone with all our reading and homework! By the time we are done we are exhausted and have no time for nothing else. Well no more of that! There are plenty of ways to balance our long hours of college work that give us those lovely grades and having a night out of fun in the town.

Get That Schedule Down And Stick To It

  • Have a schedule set up for your studies. It will make it much easier to stay on top of all those readings and assignments. It will also help you to not let get sidetracked by too much fun time. Then again that occasional fun is all ok. Just make sure you keep up with your work!
  • Stay on track! Stay on track!

The Importance of Balance

  • Never have too much of that nice social life on university and at the same time do not drive your brain crazy by all that college reading and studying!
  • For example say if you have free time in between your college courses. Use that time wisely for your academics. Maybe get a head start on hat reading assignment for history class? Double and even triple check those papers and get some errands done if needed. Maybe you need that quick trip to the school store to get a new notebook for one of your classes? Maybe even stop by the financial aid office to take care of your bill? Again use the time wisely!
  • Studying comes first! The fun comes later (just make sure it doesn’t interfere with your work first!) Get down and study for that big biology test coming up. Then afterwards you can go out and celebrate that job well done!
  • The more work you get done, the more free time on those weekends to get down to the fun!
  • Choose one particular day of the week. Mark it down or whatever you have to do to memorize it. Use that one day of the week as your full chance to relax and get in that special social activity you want to do. Think of it as your glorious freedom from all your college studies. Go out to the movies with your friends; go on that shopping spree you have been waiting for, read that new book, or maybe even a trip to the spa. Let your mind unwind and be at ease.
  • Try joining a student club organization on your campus. It can give you that quick break needed from studying and you get to socialize and meet some new friends at your university. You also get that one extra thing to add to your student resume that distinguishes you from all the rest!


  • College stress is quite expected when balancing the social life in university and academic life that comes with being a college student.
  • However too much of that stress can be draining physically and emotionally.
  • So that is why we say relax, relax, and relax!
  • If you can find the way to harmonize your academics, socialization, and your precious mind, then you are on the way to that future you desire.