Helpful iOS and Android Apps for Students

Digital technologies play essential role in the educational process today so it is impossible to ignore them when you are making your homework, make a report or organize the study process. Hand-held devices now come in handy when you want to succeed in your academic life. Now there is a possibility to simplify your work and save you time and nerves.

Here are several apps that will boost your educational process to the new higher level:


IN fact, it is a library where millions of books are stored and you have access to them through your account, no matter, what device you use. The app proposes a possibility to create your own library with set of your favorite notes and texts.


Create an account on this application and from now on you will have no possibility to sync all your notes and tasks across all your Android devices. After that the app will make sure that you haven’t forgotten some crucial points.

Any person that has issues with managing money, saving and spending less, will find this app really useful. With help of Mint you will be able to keep track of your financial status, check your budget and monitor your expenses in real time. The app will send you a notification when you have spent more than your budget can permit.


Allow us to introduce you the most annoying and efficient alarm clock you can find. It will be really helpful to those people who can ignore their classic alarm clocks. The app registers a photo of come part of the house and will switch off the alarm only after you get up and snap a photo of that area.

Opera Max

This app is data-management and data-savings app, created especially to the benefit of people who always forget about their mobile data allowance. The app can extend data plan by half for free.