How to Investigate Transfer Opportunities – It’s Uphill from Here

Hello there! Do you know about transfer opportunities for college students? For some of us we already have our set path in university. We know what we want as our college major and we have everything written in that fine stone. However there are also the few of us where everything is not quite written in stone. A change is needed sometimes and a transfer is just the way to go about it. Plenty of students transfer each and every year so you are not alone. So what are some reasons why there are transfer opportunities for students? Well check some things below!

Community College

You decided to take that small taste of college by attending a community college first. You are just finishing your associate’s degree and you feel that you are finally ready to move on to that bachelor’s degree. In this case you will need to think about transferring to a four year university and should check out for transfer opportunities. Again it all goes uphill from here on out!

First thing is first. It is highly and I mean very highly recommended that before you start the transfer from community college, make sure you fulfill all your requirements for your associates degree. Completing your degree will give you a huge advantage when entering that four year university. Instead of just having just a list of credits from certain courses, you will have a degree that you can state on your student resume when entering your new school.

Plan, plan, and plan! Do not wait for that horrible last minute! If you are considering transferring to a highly selective university or degree program, there might be limits to the amount of students that can enter. Have a Plan B in place just in case things do not work out with your first choice.

Apply for transfer course credits and make sure the credits can be transferred. Match up your degree and course requirements to your new school to make sure that you are on the right path with your degree.

Request your student transcript or, again as I like to call it, student resume. You never know when it can come in handy and more than likely your new school will request a copy of it.

International Students

  • The decision to take the step in regards to studying in the United States is big enough alone. So congratulations!
  • Make sure you have all student transcripts together, catalogs, and the degree information from your current university. All of this information will most likely be asked by your university in the USA.
  • Look into getting your course credits transferred to your USA school. World Education Services Incorporated or even Educational Perspectives can help you in regards to doing evaluations for your course credits. These evaluations can then be used for your in regards to getting your transfer credits accepted.
  • As an international student you will have to prepare to give English Proficiency. You will have to give a score from the exam known as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Make sure that the scores are sent in at a reasonable time before the college deadline. Same things goes for other exams such as SAT scores or any other entrance exams.

Need a Change in Major

  • A change in major can be one reason why you may want to look at transfer opportunities for students. Maybe you are considering a new path or you just want to expand those options. So what do you do?
  • Make sure the time you are changing your major is the right time. Do not lose the credits you already have! Some college students change majors and pay big time in the end because the credits do not go through. Make sure you at least have at least 50-60 credits already completed before considering the transfer. You have a better chance if moving around requirements and getting in to your new major.
  • Finish what you started. Yes it means you have more work to do in the current major that you do not like but tough noodles! If you can finish something like a major that no longer interests you, it shows that you can handle situations that may be difficult, challenging, or something that really needs to be done but you do not give a care in the world. That truly distinguished you from the rest and that can be quite a valuable asset in regards to getting that future career.
  • Give yourself an assessment so to speak. A Prior Learning Assessment is when basically the administration at your university checks your prior coursework and they articulate your current studies to their requirements they have noted. In other words you have to show have you mastered your current courses and have an understanding of them. You should also be prepared that you really wish to focus on new subjects that go in hand with your new course major. The process can be quite long, but hang in there. Stick to it and you are on your way to a major that you know this time will be the one for you.
  • All in all you know what you want out of your education. If you need a change take it and make it work in a way that you will not regret. Uphill not downhill remember? If your current path is on the downhill change it and make it go up, up and up!

Transfer Opportunities for Students = Uphill!