It is Time for Those Finals

It is time for college finals week. Okay, okay calm down everybody! College finals week is around the corner and the craziness had already started. Most of us have that mountain pile of studying and work to do right? We are already packing up on that coffee to do those all nighters! However we have to get through this week in a way that is calm and sane in order to get those excellent marks.

So what are some ways to get through this week at your university?

Make a Schedule

As a college student all of you should have this one crucial item. It is known as a planner and it can be a tremendous help in getting you through college finals week. If you do not have a planner by this time please go and get one!

Once you have your planner here is what you do:

  • Write a down a schedule and stick with it!
  • Write down your finals week schedule ahead of time so you get everything done
  • If you have your final exam schedule down ahead of time you will not be cramming and panicking at the last second!
  • Never try cramming down too much stuff at once because more than likely you will not be able to remember most of it when it comes down to finals time.

Power Foods

During college finals week you will be tempted to eat foods that are quick and easy to get such as takeout, a fast food place, or just microwave food. However you have to eat foods that will give you that “brain power”.

Some food tips for finals week includes:

  • Fruits and vegetables since they are high in fiber. This means you will be fuller longer
  • Do not “skip” any meals!
  • You just need that little half hour during the day can save you some production time during the final exam itself
  •  Soup and even healthy stir fry mixes can do the trick if you need that quick meal boost
  • Try even some peppermint tea, yogurt, oatmeal, and just the right amount of coffee.
  • Get in these brain boosters and get that lovely A on your exam!


This cannot be stressed enough! You need sleep during college finals week! You should have at least 6-8 hours of some shut eye each night. If you do not get enough sleep you are not going to be able to concentrate and will be stressed out. Now we do now want that during finals week do we?  No all nighters unless you absolutely need to. And if you do have to pull an all night study session read up tips on recovering from an all night studying for college finals.

Some of the tips you will find will probably include:

  • Drink less caffeine
  • Try to get back to your normal evening schedule the following night
  • Try to get at least some sleep in before class begins

So good luck to all fellow college students and do well on those exams!