Scoping Out Opportunities to Take a Stand

So what is to know about student organizations? As a new college student or freshmen, you are just getting in to the habit of balancing out your academic schedule. There is also family, friends, work, other things, and yourself. The good old college stress might also be kicking in about now too (bear with it and you will prevail!) However as you explore and get to know your campus, you may find opportunities to join campus organizations. It is highly recommended that you take the chance to become a part of one. Extracurricular activities can be just as beneficial as academic ones and you have the chance to try out something new or something you are already good at!

So what are some ways you can join a student club or get involved in college at all? Also why should you get involved? Well here are some tips:

First of all know what your interests are. Say for example you love the works of Shakespeare or maybe Greek dramas or myth plays. Get into contact with the drama or maybe even the English department at your university. See what they have to offer and take the chance. What do you know? You might even become the next star on Broadway! Again see what grabs you. You might be the art person, music person, scientist, or maybe a mix of everything? Well whoever you are, your college campus will more than likely have that club that will draw you in.

Leaving your home can be quite the transition when going into your new life. Sometimes you are on your own and all your friends are scattered at other universities. It can get quite lonely and maybe even scary sometimes. Trying out for student organizations can actually give you the chance to form new friendships. And better yet you will find a new friend whom you share a common interest with. What can be better than that?

You might not even consider thinking about it right now but joining a college organization can in a way be considered the first step in building that student resume. A nice list of clubs or student organizations you joined in your college years can give you that head start in regards to getting that nice job in the future. Future employers will see that you are quite the sociable person and you have that skill of being able to work with others. A highly desired skill in the work force in this day and age!

Don’t just limit yourself to student organizations and clubs. Look for things that are also temporary or at least something to give you that extra burst of fun. If your campus has a trip coming up say like to a baseball game or the awesome Six Flags, take the advantage and go! A nice day of fun for a good price too! Also campuses can offer things like movie nights, comedy shows, game nights, and so much more. Whenever you can take the time and go to these events. It gives you that tie of fun you will desperately need as a college student and again you can meet new buddies too!