Student Life

studentlifeThe Right to Vote: Should They Have It?
by: Carmen Cheung
February 6, 2006

In 2005, a bill to lower the voting age in Canadian federal elections to 16 was defeated in the House of Commons. Now, on the brink of a new parliament – and a new chance to reintroduce the bill – should 16-year-olds have a say in Canada’s politics?

The Continuing Education Revolution
by: Sharmila Pathmanathan
February 2, 2006

Student life is tough. The classes, the tests, and the multiple assignments all due around the same time can be exhausting. It is even tougher for those people in the work force who decide to go back to school after a number years. Imagine leaving behind a steady pay check, and stability, to go back to being a student? But many of us are going that route. Many people seem to be in careers that are not taking them where they aspired to be, and that is what is causing the continuing education revolution.

Waking Up Is Hard To Do
by: Jacintha Daniel
January 30, 2006

A good night’s sleep is a precious commodity these days. The frenetic pace that frames modern existence means that we are doing more on less: less energy, less enthusiasm, and less time. In the push for productivity, we end up digging ourselves into a sleep deficit. This is not a debt that is easily paid off.

You’re Not As Screwed As You Think You Are
by: Pirijan Ketheswaran
January 21, 2006

Have you ever read any of those “How to write an essay” guides? They usually hand them out in first-year classes. They’re supposedly full of helpful tips and techniques that no one bothers to remember. First on the list? Start writing early. So when that great motivator–last minute panic–sets in, you have one more thing to kick yourself about as you hit the Caffeine and Tylenol. Don’t worry though, you’re not really as screwed as you think you are. If you work productively instead of into a frenzied froth,you just might end up with an essay to be proud of. If you don’t, well, you always can use essaywanted writers to help you out.

Little Fish In A Big Bowl: Moving To Toronto
by: Andrea Turner
January 18, 2006

So you’re moving to Toronto and, unless you’re moving from outside of Canada, you are coming from a smaller city. Wondering what it will be like? A big move like moving away from home can be stressful. Whether you are moving from somewhere tiny, and remote, or somewhere larger, and metropolitan, there are still some things that you should know and expect.

Frost Week: Re-living Frosh Week Second Semester Style
by: Daniela Distefano
January 18, 2006

Everyone knows that the beginning of January brings about a brand new year of headache and stress for students everywhere, as the dreaded second semester arrives with its new assignments and exam schedules. After all the wonderful time we have spent catching up on missed sleep and partying over the break, it is now time to get ourselves out of the holiday mode, and back into the real world of school. I know I am not the only one who feels that this is a pain staking process, as we say goodbye to our short-lived bout of freedom, and hold back the tears. We start to think about all the wonderful essays, and exams, that will soon be replacing our club-filled nights and relaxation-filled days. Is there nothing that can be done to make this transition period a little easier on all of us? Can’t we have just one more week of fun and excitement before we abandon our social lives until reading week? Enter Frost Week: the University of Western Ontario’s compassionate attempt to make the start of second semester a little easier for everyone.

Life Sucks for Energy Vampires
by: Jacintha Daniel
January 17, 2006

They lurk in the halls of every campus, in the workplace, and sometimes within the sanctity of our own homes. Beware: there are vampires amongst us. They may not be your typical bloodsucking fiends, but even without the trademark fangs, their bite is equally fierce.

Bento Box Lunches
by: Naomi Goodrich
January 16, 2006

Save money on campus with Bento box style lunches

We’ve all been there. It’s lunchtime on campus, you only have 5 bucks in your back pocket and you’re dying for something to eat.

To iPod Or Not To iPod?
by: Deanna Lampert
January 2, 2006

There was one present on many students’ holiday list this year. I will give you one hint; it’s sold at any electronic store or even at your local Shoppers Drugmart. It’s Apple’s very own iPod. The iPod is a popular choice for a portable mp3 player, but how does the iPod measure up to other mp3 players and with that being said, what other mp3 players are people listening to and why?

Let’s All Resolve to Have Fun!
by: Rahul Chandra
December 23, 2005

Well, once the family cheer and spirit of Christmas has passed, it’s time to find something to do for the New Year’s celebration. It’s all about finding the right place to be at midnight, so that you can ring in the New Year with a positive mindset and an optimistic view of the upcoming year.