Take Those Finals With Stride

Okay, we all know it’s going to come eventually.  Before we leave for the exciting college winter break, there’s one last hurdle to clear.  Okay, let’s scratch that.  It’s a hurdle the size of the Big Green Monster at Fenway Park known as college finalsFinals week, or dead week as it’s also known, brings out the crazies at universities.  Students drown themselves in coffee and send Red Bull’s profits soaring.  They forget what sleep feels like, they stack books so high they’re hazards for low-flying air traffic and pull out enough hair to stuff a futon.  You get to thinking a student without dark circles under his eyes is kind of funny-looking and the week itself drags on longer than a first-grader waiting for Santy-Claus.  Well, you can feel better with the knowledge that surviving of one the biggest weeks can actually be, well, kind of fun.

How Are We Going To Get Through Finals Week

  • Get that stereo pumping out the tunes.  No Disturbed nor Marilyn Manson though.  Check out a little Chopin.
  • Studying for college finals is a whole different nine innings to studying for regular tests.  If you want to pull an all-nighter make sure you’ve snagged a little study den where disruption will be kept to a minimum.  Make sure your re-fuelling beverages are on hand, and that you don’t run out of paper or you’ve left your textbook in the college bathroom.
  • For an ardent coffee-drinker caffeine provides that stimulating buzz that keeps you ticking during finals week, but once that week finally grinds to a halt, the Sandman may become conspicuous by his absence.  Switch to a healthier alternative such as green tea or cinnamon tea.  You still get that caffeine fix but in a format that’s better for your mind and body.
  • Scour your wardrobe for your most comfortable clothing.  You’re studying, not dating.  Some people turn for finals in fashion tops and heels.  What’s wrong with sweats and a tank top?  It’s college finals, not a catwalk in Milan.
  • Got that burning sense in your gut?  You ain’t eating right, then.  Campus dining can do the trick, but keep them burgers, fries and sugary treats down to a minimum.  Okay, so the odd chocolate bar isn’t going to kill you, but the best policy’s to get that brain food into your belly.  Nuts, yogurt, crackers, fruit, granola bars and veggies will help you in that department.  Good carbs for energy and protein to keep you full.

Preparing for the Test (Study Study and Study!)

  • Have your college professor tell you the final’s likeliest material or the units that’ll be covered.  Those pesky professors are the ones who write the darn exams after all.
  • Make sure you clear up any questions or topics unresolved at this point in the college semester.  Try and get a pleasant study sesh with the professor and go over the stuff that’s not quite made it into your skull.  Don’t leave until you’re certain you’ve cracked it.
  • Studying by oneself is a lonely activity and solitude saps your motivation.  Find a study group with a few of the college brainiacs before finals week.  Co-operation will help you uncover your group difficulties and you can work on them as a team.  It’s fun to study with friends anyhow.
  • Each college course is different.  Studying for chemistry requires different techniques to studying for math.  If you don’t vary and fine tune your methods you may get results that are less than what you expected.
  • Hunt down students on campus who’ve taken the final for your particular class before.  See if they’ll talk to you and give you hints on what you’re likely to meet in your final.  It never hurts to ask and the advice you get might just see you ace it.


Final Exams= Strength!!