The Wonders of a Loan in Alaska

Think of an Alaska student loan as the same thing or process as getting a student loan in the United States. Oh wait a minute. You think that just because you are not in the lovely United States that you can escape the dreadful horror of paying off the pesky college bill. Ha! Wrong! Even in the wonderful world of Alaska there is no form of peace or escape from those wonderful bills that are asking for that nice wad of green. Well again the famous way of paying off those bills is through the lovely world of Alaska student loans. Here a couple of ways to approach those student loans.

The typical cost of attending a university can easily come to a heavy sum of $12,000-$40,000. So it is very important when getting your student loans is that you look at the options available to you. There are also grants, work study, and scholarship programs that you should also take into consideration so you do not have to fill the strain in finance.  So what are the loan opportunities that just might be available for you if you take in the right direction? Well check them out.

Loans List:

Here is a list of some of the loan programs available to college students of Alaska.

  • Federal Plus Loan
  • Stafford Loan
  • Private Loans
  • Parent Plus Loan
  • Student Plus Loan

So as you can see you have a variety of student loans in Alaska to choose from. When you fill out your FAFSA application be sure to include all information needed when applying for that aid and loan. Did you know that usually the biggest mistake made or the reason why some college students do not get that aid is that they do not fill out parts in the application process? Fill in everything! Even if you think that you may not be qualified for aid or loans you might be surprised in what you can get.

On top of the loans mentioned above there are two loans that are particular or unique to the state. They are called the Michael Murphy Memorial Student Loanand the A.W. “Winn” Loan.

Michael Murphy Student Loan

  • Available to full-time students studying Law Enforcement
  • Interest is a 0% rate
  • Has forgiveness benefits
  • Funding however is limited
  • It was established as tribute to Michael Murphy who was a member of  the Alaska State Troopers

A.W. “Winn” Loan

  • This loan was formed in memory of A.W. Winn Brindle
  • She was head of Columbia Wards Fisheries
  • This loan is available to Alaska college students studying any type of fisheries studies
  • It has no lifetime loan benefits
  • 0% school interest rate that is lox fixed

So if you are a college student and you happen to be one in Alaska or from Alaska, again check out the many types of the Alaska student loans available to you. There is so much out there to look out so don’t let the options slide by you.